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Recent Updates to Borough eCode

The following content in the Borough of New Britain, PA Code has been updated as of 07/23/2023:

Part II: General Legislation (modified)

Chapter 210: Fireworks (added)


Chapter 318: Public Safety (added)

Article I: Warrantless Arrests for Summary Offenses (added)


Chapter 319: Public Works (added)


Chapter 375: Stormwater Management (modified)

Article I: General Provisions (added)

Article II: Definitions (added)

Article IV: Stormwater Management Plan Requirements (removed)

  • 375-16: General requirements. (removed)
  • 375-17: Exemptions. (removed)
  • 375-18: Stormwater management plan contents. (removed)
  • 375-19: Plan submission. (removed)
  • 375-20: Plan review and approval. (removed)
  • 375-21: Modification of plans. (removed)

Article III: Stormwater Management Standards (added)

Article IV: Stormwater Management (SWM) Site Plan Requirements (added)

Article V: Fees and Expenses (added)

Article VI: Operation and Maintenance Responsibilities (added)

Article VII: Prohibitions (added)

Article VIII: Enforcement and Penalties (added)


Chapter 385: Subdivision and Land Development (modified)

Article VI: Required Improvements (modified)


Chapter 415: Vehicles and Traffic (modified)

Article IV: Stopping, Standing and Parking (modified)

Article IX: Snow and Ice Emergency (modified)


Chapter 450: Zoning (modified)

Article IV: Use Regulations (modified)

Article V: District Requirements (modified)

Article VI: General Regulations Applicable to All Districts (modified)


Disposition List (modified)

Chapter DL: Disposition List (modified)