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Orchard Park & Community Gardens

Orchard Park

Orchard Park is a small Borough-owned Park located on Keeley Avenue. It became a Borough Park in 2013, after the Borough used Bucks County Open Space funds to purchase 5.5 acres in Doylestown Township that were once part of a large working farm and orchard. The drier areas in the front of the farm along Keeley Avenue were planted with fruit trees. Today, Orchard Park still includes some apple trees from the old orchard, as well as open space, woods, and wetlands.


Orchard Park is primarily intended for passive recreation, unlike neighboring Covered Bridge Park, which is owned by the New Britain Civic Association and is intended for more active recreation. Even though Orchard Park and Covered Bridge Park are separate entities, the Borough and the Civic Association have agreed that the two parks should be treated in some ways as one unit to avoid the duplication of some facilities, such as parking, water, and restrooms. A comprehensive Master Site Development Plan for both Covered Bridge Park and Orchard Park was completed in 2021.


Orchard Park is easily accessed from the parking lot of Covered Bridge Park via a pedestrian bridge linking the two parks.  There is no separate parking for Orchard Park, but there is a packed gravel, ADA-accessible, trail leading from the parking lot at Covered Bridge Park over to Orchard Park. An ADA-accessible picnic table and benches are also available in Orchard Park.


Orchard Park is overseen and maintained by the Borough’s all-volunteer Parks & Recreation Committee. In recent years, this committee has been planting native trees and shrubs in the park in an effort to provide better habitat for birds and other wildlife. Pollinator beds with native perennials have also been created in the Borough’s Community Garden, located within Orchard Park (see below).


Orchard Park is open from dawn to dusk. Dogs are permitted, but they must be leashed at all times. There are picnic tables available, but no alcoholic beverages are permitted.


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Community Gardens







New Britain Borough’s Community Garden is located within Orchard Park.  The garden was started in 2013 by residents interested in participating in the pleasures of growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers in a shared environment. It continues to exist as a combination of individual and community growing areas for either personal consumption or contributions to the New Britain Food Larder. Visitors are encouraged to walk the garden paths and enjoy the serene atmosphere. The gate to the garden is ADA-accessible.


The community garden is strictly organic and requires a small annual participation fee. Borough residents are given first priority for a plot, although non-residents are welcome if plots are available. If you are interested in caretaking a plot, please contact the Borough office.


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