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Appointment Advisory Committee

Meeting Times

The Appointment Advisory Committee meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM (as needed) in Burkart Hall located at 56 Keeley Avenue. 

Committee Members

Chair/Secretary: Halsey White

Council Liaison: Loren Frasco


  • Lori Kesilmen (EAC)
  • Frank Lombardo (Finance)
  • Christi Carpentier (HR)
  • Jim Becker (Planning)
  • vacant (Zoning)
  • vacant (CBC)
  • vacant (Public Works)
  • vacant (Community Events)
  • Les Geissel (Parks & Rec)
  • Jackie D’Agostino (Shade Tree)
  • Halsey White (Nature Preserve)

The Appointment Advisory Committee (AAC) was established by the New Britain Borough Council for the purpose of adopting an orderly process to identify qualified, appropriate and capable individuals for various Commissions, Committees, offices and positions within the Borough.  The Committee then makes recommendations to Borough Council.  The Committee acts in an advisory capacity to Borough Council only and has no authority to appoint any person to any position with the Borough.

The AAC consists of the following:  the Chairpersons of each of the standing Boards, Commissions, and Committees of the Borough Council and one member of Borough Council.  If a member of Borough Council is both a Council member and a chair of one of the aforementioned Committees/Boards/Commissions he or she shall serve on the AAC in their capacity as Borough Council Member and the President of Council shall appoint another individual from the Committee/Board/Commission that is thereby unrepresented.


  • Committee Agendas
  • Committee Minutes
    • PLEASE NOTE: The most recent meeting’s minutes are considered a draft until a motion is made at the subsequent committee meeting to approve them.