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Recycling and Trash Collection

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2024 Garbage Pick-up Calendar

Residential Trash Collection (Single Hauler)

As Awarded by Borough Council during their live November 9, 2021 meeting, New Britain Borough’s new contract between Waste Management and New Britain Borough begins April 1, 2022.

Waste Management Pick-Up Guidelines

Once-a-Week collection of:

  • One 96-gallon (or similar) container of solid waste and one 96-gallon (or similar size) container of recyclable materials.
    • Contractor shall provide a solid waste and recycling container of 96 gallons (or similar size) for each Subject Unit. The option, per Subject Unit, for one additional 96-gallon (or similar) container of solid waste. The Borough will notify the contractor when an additional container shall be added to, or removed from, a Subject Unit. Contractor shall provide the additional container.
  • Up to 180 gallons of yard waste (3 Bags).
  • One FREE bulk item per residence and each Borough-owned facility
    • BULK ITEM: defined as large items of solid waste requiring special handling, including but not limited to, large household appliances, furniture, carpet, dehumidifiers, water heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, small amounts of residential construction debris, mattresses, gas or charcoal grills, etc.
    • Bulk items DO NOT include automobiles or parts and tires, yard waste, grass clippings, brush or tree trimmings, petroleum/chemical or other commercial/industrial or household waste, paint, propane tanks, E-Waste and recyclables. The contractor shall be responsible for the disposal of accepted Freon-containing bulk items.

To Schedule a bulk pick-up through Waste Management’s Automated Phone System, please use this procedure:

  1. Call 800-869-5566
  2. When prompted, state “Bulk Pickup”
  3. State your address
  4. When prompted for an Account #, say “I don’t have one”
  5. Then, say “Residential”
  6. Then you will be sent to a live Customer Service Rep to schedule the free/included bulk pickup


Please click here to watch the November 9, 2021 meeting for the new Borough Council’s Awarded Trash and Recycling contract.

Please click here to watch the October 12, 2021 meeting for the Borough Council’s Opening, Reviewing, and Bid Consideration for the new Trash and Recycling services.

Please click here to watch the September 14, 2021 meeting where the Borough Council approved the Advertising for Bids for the Single Trash Hauler

Please click here for 2021 Meeting Minutes.

Please click here for 2021 Meeting Agendas.

Residents will NO LONGER receive a bill from Waste Management effective April 1, 2022. Bills will be paid through your Borough taxes.

For a copy of the letter and sample tax bill, that has been sent to all New Britain Borough residents dated February 5, 2022, please click here

Please refer to our list of frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Waste Management at 800-869-5566. You may also contact the Borough at New Britain Borough Administration Office at (215) 348-4586.

Additional information regarding commercial trash collection and recycling guidelines can be found towards the bottom of the page.

Who is affected by this?

All single-family residences and 2-4 unit residential housing structures in New Britain Borough.  The only residential communities currently exempt from this are the Carousel Pointe Condominiums, Forest Park Townhomes, and the New Britain Mews.  Commercial properties in the Borough are not affected.

Why did Borough Council decide to make this change?

You, the taxpayers, have invested in rebuilding and repairing local Borough-owned roads, with more than $1 million in roadwork planned from 2018 to 2020.  Garbage trucks are particularly hard on roads due to their weight distribution.  Allowing only a single residential trash hauler lengthens the lifetime of our roads, saves you money on taxes and garbage service, and decreases noise and air pollution.  In addition, this contract locks in a price rate for trash service that is currently lower than those offered in the current private collection system.

Who is the Borough's single hauler trash provider?

Waste Management

How often and what day of the week is trash and recycling collected?

Trash and recycling is picked up once a week, each Wednesday.

What if there is a holiday? How does that affect my trash and recycling service?

On any given week, if an observed holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, the Borough’s trash pick up day is moved to the Thursday of that week.  If an observed holiday falls on a Thursday or Friday of any given week, then the Borough’s trash service is not affected and remains on Wednesday for that week.

The following holidays are observed by Waste Management:

New Years Day,  Memorial Day,  Independence Day (July 4th),  Labor Day,  Thanksgiving Day,  Christmas Day

Click here to see the 2024 Calendar

How do I get in touch with Waste Management?

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Waste Management at 800-869-5566., and be sure to mention you are a New Britain Borough resident.

What items can be recycled?

Recycling is collected in single-stream fashion.  Please rinse containers prior to placing in recycling bin.

The following (clean) items will be accepted for recycling:   aluminum cans,  glass bottles & jars,  plastics #1-7,  junk mail,  phone books,  cardboard,  paperboard boxes.

The following items are not accepted for recycling:  window glass,  mirrors,  plastic grocery bags,  styrofoam of any kind,  ceramics,  pizza boxes, or shredded paper.

What items am I allowed to put out for trash/recycling/bulk each week?


For a complete list of acceptable items, including bulk items included in the contract at no separate cost, please click here. 


What will my rates be?
  • Trash & Recycling Pickup:  For 2022, once per week pickup of trash and recycling each in a 96 gallon container, and one bulk item (call Waste Management to arrange a pick up), and up to 90 gallons of yard waste (approximately 3 bags) will be billed at:
    • First Quarter 2022 will be $66.62 and paid directly to Waste Management.
    • The Second – Fourth Quarter for 2022 will be $315.63 that will be billed and paid through your Borough tax bill.
    • Full-year 2023 the price will be $437.64 that will be billed and paid through your Borough tax bill.
    • Full-year 2024, the price will be $455.16 that will be billed and paid through your Borough tax bill.
    • Residents will NO LONGER receive a bill from Wate Management effective April 1, 2022.
    • New contract between Wate Management and New Britain Borough begins April 1, 2022.
    • For a copy of the letter and sample tax bill, that has been sent to all New Britain Borough residents dated February 5, 2022, please click here
  • Additional Trash:  An additional 96 gallon trash container is available upon request at no additional cost.  You can use this additional container for trash or yard waste.
  • Extra Bulk: In 2022, any additional bulk items, per resident, will be billed at $25.00.
Who do I pay for my trash & recycling service?

Residents will NO LONGER receive a bill from Waste Management effective April 1, 2022. Bills will be paid through your Borough taxes.

Are there other communities that successfully operate this way?

Yes, in many communities across the country trash pickup is considered a public utility.  Chalfont Borough, which borders New Britain Borough, has a similar contract and operates in this way.

Once the contract begins, is there any recourse if I’m unhappy with Waste Management service?

Please feel free to call Waste Management at 800-869-5566. to share your concerns.  If the problem is not resolved, you can call the Borough at (215) 348-4586.  The Borough will be monitoring Waste Management’s performance during this contracted period.  Enforceable standards are included in the contract and a performance bond has been required.  We have high expectations for Waste Management’s service and will do our best to insure that standards are met and proper service is being delivered.

Does the Borough have the authority to implement a single waste hauler program?

The Borough is mandated by state law to assure that solid waste is removed frequently enough from where it’s generated to protect public health.  That same law authorizes the Borough to contract with a waste removal company to collect and bill for waste removal from residences within its jurisdiction.

Commercial Trash Collection

New Britain Borough businesses must contract directly with licensed commercial haulers for trash removal as there is no Borough-provided commercial trash service.  Businesses are also required to have recycling service per local Borough Ordinance.  Listed below are commercial haulers who are licensed to collect trash/recycling.

2021 Approved Commercial Haulers (listed alphabetically)

  • Republic Trash Services
  • Waste Management


PA State Law and Local Ordinance requires all residents and establishments to recycle the following:  aluminum cans, office paper, and corrugated cardboard.  If you need help setting up a recycling program, please contact your waste hauler or property manager.

For more information on what can and cannot be recycled, as well as how to recycle different items, please use the following links below. You can also direct questions to the PA DEP Recycling Hotline at (800) 346-4242 or the Bucks County Planning Commission (for disposal suggestions) at  (215) 345-3400.

Bucks County Recycling Programs

For more information go to the Bucks County Website