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Do Not Knock List – No Solicitation

New Britain Borough also has a “Do Not Knock” list that is provided to permitted solicitors.  This listing is for New Britain Borough residents only (not New Britain Township).  Please fill out the form below to be included on the list. Please come into the office to drop off your registration and to pick your sign up.

There is no charge for the registration and the sign for display.

Click here for the “Do Not Knock” Application

All solicitors must register with the Central Bucks Regional Police to acquire a permit.

If you would like to report an illegal solicitor, please call Central Bucks Regional Police’s non-emergency line at 215-345-4143 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  Outside normal business hours, call the dispatch office at 215-328-8508.

For more information about solicitation, please click on the link below to the ordinance that outlines these details and definitions.

Click here for Ordinance 388 – Solicitation

Section 406-6: No Solicitors or No Solicitation Registry

The owner or lawful occupant of any premises within the Borough not desiring to have persons enter onto his/her premises may, in addition to posting on such premises according to § 406-5, register with the Central Bucks Regional Police Department to have his/her address placed on a registry to be distributed to those door-to-door solicitors or peddlers required to obtain a license under§ 406-2. Door-to-door solicitors or peddlers who enter onto premises appearing on the registry shall be subject to the penalty provided for in § 406-8.