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Long Term Vision

Wayfinding Master Plan Proposal Presentation

Proposed on February 1, 2020

Revised as of February 15, 2021

Approved for Consideration, as per Council Meeting, as of May 11, 2021

The updated the proposal is to provide user friendly & highly visible navigation system to guide visitors and residents around our borough and to have then discover the “hidden jewels” our borough has to offer. The updating plan will utilize the existing signage we have already in place along with new recommended signs and locations. And we will utilize technology now to aid in the borough’s wayfinding.

We have included the new wayfinding items and the graphics we are proposing for them in this proposal to be reviewed and considered.

  • New placemaking banners for the lamp posts
  • New directional signage for ease of finding certain locations Located within the borough
  • New Kiosk Unit with a map, Location points called out, and a URL code that can be scanned from you phone and the information can be taken with you on your walk.
  • Projected estimated costs


Click here to review the Wayfinding Master Plan Proposal Presentation

Comprehensive Plan

New Britain Borough’s first comprehensive plan was prepared in 1969 for the Borough and has guided local planning and zoning decisions ever since.  The Borough last updated the plan in 2020 to improve the resident quality of life and provide policies to address the future development of the borough.  As this is an implementable plan it is reviewed on a regular basis and is scheduled for an overhaul approximately every ten years to ensure the plan takes into account any significant changes that have happened in and around the borough.

Click here to review the 2020 Comprehensive Plan approved by Borough Council in October 2020.

Click here to review the 2007 Comprehensive Plan.

In October 2019, Borough Council did approve an Active Transportation Plan for the Borough to help achieve walkability.  This plan is incorporated into the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update.

In December 2019, Borough Council approved its latest 537 Sewage Plan.

Click here to view the 537 Sewage Plan.

2016 Main Street Study

The purpose of this study is to define a comprehensive vision that promotes the economic development and revitalization of the Butler Avenue corridor within New Britain Borough, creates a more walkable and attractive “Main Street,” and more closely ties the community to the two accessible rail stations and to Delaware Valley University. The completion of the Route 202 Parkway in 2012, the proposed expansion of programs at Delaware Valley University, the closing of long-standing businesses, and the needs of other businesses have motivated Borough leaders to address the future of the Borough’s business climate through this study.

Town Hall

New Britain Borough hosts Town Hall events every few years to share project updates, discuss future initiatives, and gather feedback from the community. Our most recent Town Hall event included extensive discussion on upcoming development and improvements of the borough’s trails and sidewalks.  More information including the video stream and powerpoint presentation can be found via the November 2017 Town Hall Event Blog Post.