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Nature Preserve Committee

Meeting Time

The Nature Preserve Committee meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM in Burkart Hall located at 56 Keeley Avenue.

Committee Members

Council Liaison: Tom Price

Chair: Tom Price (2024)

Vice Chair: Bob Klingele

Secretary: Diann Smith

AAC Rep: Halsey White


  • Bob Klingele (2026)
  • Marge Eberz (2025)
  • Peter Nelson (2023)
  • Diann Smith (2026)
  • Bob Binkley (2024)
  • Will Connolly (2025)
  • Halsey White (2024)
  • Peter LaMontagne (2024)
  • Brett Rogowski (2026)

Agendas and Minutes

  • Stewardship Plan
  • In 2007, the Natural Lands Trust (NLT) was commissioned by New Britain Borough to provide a natural resource assessment and stewardship plan for the Nature Preserve.  The Stewardship Plan produced by the NLT catalogs the existing environmental and ecological conditions and current management issues of the Preserve and serves as a guide for the future use and management goals set by the Borough’s Nature Preserve Committee.  A 2014 Addendum to the Stewardship Plan focuses on management techniques for invasive plants in the Preserve. These documents can be found under the Resources section below.
  • The current stewardship priorities for the Nature Preserve include:
    • Maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for the passive recreation of borough residents.
    • Protecting and enhancing existing plant communities to provide wildlife habitat for resident and migratory wildlife.
    • Protecting the water quality of the Neshaminy Creek and its tributaries that flow through the property.

  • Volunteer
  • The committee organizes several work days throughout year asking for volunteers to help us maintain the preserve. If you are interested in becoming a “Friend of the Preserve” by volunteering your time, keep an eye on our blog and facebook page for information on when these events will occur. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Borough Office at 215-348-4586.