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EAC (Enviromental Advisory Commission)

Meeting Time

The EAC meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in Burkart Hall located at 56 Keeley Avenue.


The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) advises Borough Council on environmental issues impacting the Borough.


  1. Identify environmental issues within the Borough and recommend actions to address those issues.
  2. Make recommendations, as requested, to Borough Council as to the impact of land development in the Borough on the environment.
  3. Recommend community-based actions supporting a healthier, more sustainable environment within the Borough, and promote such actions as requested by Borough Council.
  4. Educate Borough residents about environmental issues.
  5. Serve as the Borough’s representative for Bird Town Pennsylvania’s Bird Town Program, promote the goals of the Bird Town program within the Borough, and oversee Bird Town activities in the Borough.
  6. Serve as the Borough’s representative to the state-wide EAC Network, with other environmental organizations, and with other habitat recognition and certification programs.
  7. Provide recommendations for protection of native ecosystems and encourage the restoration and creation of native plant communities on both public and private properties throughout the Borough.
  8. Encourage Borough residents and property owners to create a healthy habitat for people and wildlife in their landscapes by removing invasive and exotic species, planting native species, reducing pesticide and herbicide use, conserving water, protecting water quality, and adopting other healthy yard practices.


The Environmental Advisory Council shall be comprised of no less than three (3), nor more than seven (7), members, who must be Borough residents. The Council liaison to the EAC may vote if they are one of the appointed members.

Commission Members

Council Liaison:  Tom Price

Chair: Tom Price

Vice-Chair: Lucy Siegfried

Secretary: Jane McGroarty

Treasurer: Tom Price

AAC Rep: Lucy Siegfried


  • Cristi Charpentier (2025)
  • Marge Eberz (2024)
  • Jane McGroaty (2025)
  • Mo Loh

Agenda and Minutes





Native Plants

Habitat for Birds and Wildlife

Habitat for Insects and Pollinators

Bird Feeding and Nest Boxes