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Burkart Hall History

On November 12, 2013 New Britain Borough Council
renamed our Borough Hall to Burkart Hall. The Burkart Family
has a long history in New Britain Borough as well as a history
with our Borough Hall building. Edwin Burkart, a founding
member of the Library and Literary Society, made a motion in
1912 to build a library and a place for the Literary Society to
meet. This is the building that became our Borough Hall in 1969.
Edwin Burkart officiated at the laying of the building
cornerstone on September 13, 1913. Louise Burkart, his wife,
procured a donation of 63 books for lending.

The Burkart Orchestra, consisting of Edwin Burkart and his
sons, Henry, Esher and Edwin Jr., played at many Library
concerts; and both Edwin and Louise Burkart served on the
Library board and participated in many of the programs held
at the Library.

The next generation of Burkart’s, Henry and Florence , also
participated in many programs and appeared in several of the
plays staged at the Library. Henry Burkart served his country in
World War I.

The son of Henry and Florence, Bruce Burkart and his wife,
Nancy, continued their family’s tradition of service and citizenship through Nancy’s tenure as Librarian, Bruce and Nancy’s
volunteer work at the Mercer Museum and Bucks County Meals
on Wheels, as well as Bruce’s service to his country during the
Korean War, the many hours he spent repairing and maintaining
the Library building before and after it was deeded to the
Borough, his service as the Borough’s first building inspector as
an elected Borough tax collector for 24 years, on New Britain
Borough Council, as Judge of Elections, and many other selfless
acts of citizenship, including his current service as Borough

It is clear why Council wanted to honor Bruce and Nancy
Burkart, as well as their ancestors, by renaming the building in
their honor.

“Borough Hall Name Changed to Burkart Hall”

Newsletter: Volume 23, Number 1 Winter 2014